you died

So far these guys have stuck to their promise of releasing a new EP every month. Well, I can keep this up as long as they can.

The opener “See You Around” is basic ’90s alt pop, set to some wonky guitars. The next track, “E.16th”, is maybe the album’s sleeper. It’s a grungy affair, but balanced out with some positive-sounding vocals. It burrows its way under your skin. “100% Forever” is more uptempo, but tends to be repetitive. “Annalise” is shoegaze heaven. It’s an anti-love song, with the message that love is dreadful, but so necessary. “Disappear” is quintessential DYD, with its quick shuffling percussion and ringing guitars. They leave the best for last, however. “Tear Us Apart” brings all of the elements on the EP together in one great whole. It’s mournful but magnificent.

If they lose a bit of a step on this one it’s only because they’ve set their own bar so high for themselves. This is still some of the best shoegaze around.

(BTW, what do those symbols mean? They are either hermaphroditic genitalia, three dropped ice cream cones, or a triple flutterblast (severe flatulence). I go with the last one.)