Jazz Cartier, Lucki Eck$, GOSH PITH, akidnamedapollo & Sammy Citrus @ The Garrison 5/7/2015 #CMW2015

On Thursday night I prepared for an entire night of hiphop. Going in, I knew none of the artists besides Jazz Cartier, the more than sold-out headliner of the show.

When I walked in, the venue was still rather empty but I had already missed the first act on the bill, a dude named Jake Bluez. I actually wasn’t sure if the show had even started. However it became apparent that I had missed the first act when akidnamedapollo & Sammy Citrus took the stage with their logo splashed on the projector. The two youngsters were an unlikely looking pair. One reminded me of McLovin’ from Superbad. The North Caroliners looked delighted to be on stage and share their electropop infused rap.

One of my new obsessions is Detroit’s GOSH PITH, who played a sort of “cosmic trap” with influences of R&B, hip-hop, pop and rock n’ roll, especially in their stage presence which had the lead singer moving about and jumping into the audience.

I was the least impressed with Lucki Eck$. I felt that there was more awkward DJ set, acting as intro and outro, than there was actual rapping. The MC an the rapper did nothing to really interact/engage the audience.

As disappointed as I was in the act that proceeded, all that was worth seeing Jazz Cartier perform again. By 12pm, it was super sold out. It was the most packed I have ever seen the Garrison (including at other sold out shows). What amazed me the most was that even though Cartier had dropped Marauding in Paradise not too long ago, the majority of the audience knew the words and screamed them back at him (in fact Gosh Pith even rapped a verse during their set as parody).

Cartier was electric, continually moving around the stage and practically throwing his mic stand as he delivered his licks. There was an excessive amount of body guards on stage, pulling the rapper back on stage every time he dove into the audience. I felt it a little much because the audience there had nothing but love for their Jacuzzi but I guess it’s the caution that usually comes with the genre. One thing is for sure, this will be the last time Jazz Cartier plays a venue this small.