Tim Chaisson Charlottetown PEI

A captivated audience was treated to quite a show at Charlottetown’s PEI Brewing Company on Friday night. Prince Edward Island’s own Tim Chaisson took to the stage for the first stop on a release tour for his newest album, Lost in the Light.

The show sold out – all 550 tickets – which was no surprise. The Chaisson family name is well known for its connection to traditional music on PEI, so, naturally this album release party had the whole town talking. People here remember when Chaisson was just starting out and fondly recall watching him at the local pubs.

Tim Chaisson Charlottetown PEI Brewing Company
The audience was eager to welcome Chaisson to the stage for his opening numbers “I Can’t Live Without You”, and the album’s single, “Crushed”. Hands clapped along and feet hit the floor as the set progressed through new songs, as well as classics. Chaisson’s new album sounds fantastic live – it’s energetic, light-hearted, and catchy – and the crowd was happy to chime in.
Tim Chaisson Lost in the Light
The set was fantastic, flowing seamlessly from toe-tapping rock numbers, to enthusiastic fiddle tunes. I enjoy Chaisson’s clear voice, but was particularly impressed by the mere fact that he can sing while rocking the fiddle, as evident in “Bad on Me”. The banjo, played by Cody Chaisson, and Tim’s own fiddle, provided depth, enabling the transition from popular folk-rock, to more Acadian-inspired “Cajun Moon”, to a closing McMaster-inspired fiddle jam.
Cody Chaisson
Chaisson will be making stops across eastern Canada and Ontario in the next month on his Lost in the Light release tour.

Photos by Scott Greer.