[Album Review] Les Jupes- Some Kind of Family
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Release Date: April 14th, 2015
Label: Head in the Sand

Just as they released Some Kind of Family, Les Jupes announced their breakup. It may have come as a surprise to some. Michael P. Falk’s deep vocals were always very distinguishable in Canada’s sea of indie rock.  

The opener “When They Did Us Up” capture the energy that is present throughout the album but it also does something else, it indirectly questions the longetivity of the band. “What will think? Once they dig us up?” the chorus asks. It’s strange because the album was tossed around by the band and described as the “rebirth” but it’s also the band’s death now too. he lead single “Everything Will Change” could be a bittersweet anthem for the band’s departure.

This time around the band employs more synths for the occasional upbeat dance feel (“Something’s Happening”). Slow-burners like “What Am I Doing Here” and “The Brothers” test Falk’s future potential as a solo artist without his band. The album varies stylistically, going from stylistically dark “Outer School” to the gentle acoustic nature of “I Want Answers” and synth-splash mid “On Miracles”.

For a band with members that weren’t in it for the long haul, Some Kind of Family proves that they could at least pretend to smile for the family portrait at least for a while. The album is cohesive but full of twists, like the life of this band.