[Album Review] Moon King- Secret Life
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Release Date: April 14th, 2015
Label: Last Gang Records

This may be the debut record from Moon King but Maddy Wilde and Daniel Benjamin are far from novices in the music world. Along with Daniel’s brother Airick (which you all know as Doldrums), they played together as Spiral Beach where the three lay their psychedelic-weirdo roots.

 What did change a little is their aesthetic. Compared to their previous 2 EPS (Obsessesions I & II) the production on Secret Life is more polished. There are hazy moments, but purposeful not because of a limit on production. Opener “Roswell” proves this quite well as the electronics are pronounced but the vocals remain dreamy, giving the album the “Secret” it seems to be named for. The life in Moon King is one that is between dream and reality. The title track “Secret Life” twangs dissonantly, like the theme of some sort of ritual, whereas the current single “Impossible” has a more tongue-and-cheek chorus. Hexe” imploys a joyful piano line. The band certainly has a penchant for mixing pop hooks into the slightly weird.

Secret Life is simultaneously a dreamy experience and occasionally a basement dance party.  What was clear on this album and their live show is that the band is doing themselves and they don’t care whether it is for 1 person or thousands.