[Album Review] Doldrums- The Air Conditioned Nightmare
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Release Date: April 7th, 2015
Label: Sub Pop

Airick Woodhead and crew have upped the production in their latest efforts The Air Conditioned Nightmare.

Take the opener “HOTFOOT”, by no means do you expect those heavy stabs. It’s definitely more bonkers than before. The psych jam “Blown Away” tones the strangeness down a little as he sings about the fear of relationships and perhaps commitment. Woohead’s vocals are more clear and prominent in this record as we hear in the love confused tune of “We Awake” and “Funeral for Lightning”.

“Loops” takes you from hippy drum circle to the disco. “iDeath” is a completely instrumental tune for 48 seconds that perhaps would actually make the perfect soundrack to your iPhone dying as it bridges you to “My Friend Simjen”, a song about our technological dependence. The spoken word parts make me think of Transformers for some reason. That is totally Megatron talking there. This political discussion continues itself in the dance hall ready “Industry City” before it closes on the strangely ambient “Closer 2 U”.

 Lesser Evil may have hit you with weirdness, but this record also sort of punches you in the face as well.