The Lonely Parade, Nick Ferrio, L CON @ Junction City Music Hall 4/9/2015

Last night I headed to Junction City Music Hall for the first time to check out The Lonely Parade, Nick Ferrio and L CON. Located in the Junction, the venue was in a basement. There were tables, chairs, pinball machines and arcade games! It’s definitely a cool place to just hang out even if there were no bands on.

L CON, the project of Lisa Conway of Del Bel began the night. A familiar face on the stage was Andrew Collins of Skeletones Four on bass. Conway has one of those voices who could sing you anything it would be angelic, which makes her vocals some of the driving forces of Del Bel. In L CON, she is still the vocalists, but also plays guitar and works the drum machine. I wouldn’t say it’s a dancey version of Del Bel, because it really isn’t but it verges on more experimental textures.

The rest of the night went to Peterborough the Peterborough act Nick Ferrio and The Lonely Parade. The two played together for Ferrio’s set injecting a little bit of rock into his otherwise folk and rootsy sound. A new full-length album was promised to be released this year in May as he performed a tune about fortune telling. A personal favourite in his set included “Come Hell or High Water”.

I haven’t seen The Lonely Parade live, and I forgot what they sounded like so they surprised me with the sudden burst of energy as they played their own set. It was a rather quiet night prior, but it got loud in the basement as these girls took charge. Each tune was different having their own variation in melody, and speed. They hooked me with the guitars of “Stéphane Dion” and entertained me with the lyrics of “Stomach”.

All in all it was a good night and I am really happy for all these relatively new venues popping up on the West side.