[Album Review] Ariane Moffatt- 22h22
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Release Date: March 10th, 2015
Label: Simone Records

In 2012, Ariane Moffatt released MA and it was risqué, sexy, a dance party. Her latest, 22h22, is more toned down and focused in comparison.

Perhaps part of the reason it seems more focused is that this time around she focused on releasing the entire album in French, instead of bilingually like the previous. Most noticeable difference in this album is the lack of guitars, to reflect their live setup. Though the album is electronic, Moffatt likes to keep things interesting live and even if the things they use are electronic (drum pads etc), they are played live rather than programmed through a computer.

The opener and title track “22h22” touches on the fact that she would get bursts of inspiration at 10:22pm, perhaps when her twins were finally asleep. It might seem at first that Moffatt might not be used to the change that is motherhood. In “Rêve” she sings about life-changing and then the nostalgia for days that passed in “Nostalgie des jours qui tombent”. However,  she actually samples her kids in “Matelos & frères” and “Les Tireurs fous” sees Moffatt wanting to protect her children from the dramas in the world today.

There’s a certain dream-like quality to the album, similar to the romantic notion that time passes by before you realize it.