[Album Review] Anamai- Sallows
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Release Date: March 10th, 2015
Label: Buzz Records

Toronto’s Anamai is not want one of those easily classifiable bands. Their debut Sallows, I assume you could classify as folk, but it lies more in the realm of experimentation. It’s amazing how much it differs from Anna Mayberry’s usual projects. The album is patient, subtle, compared to her quick snarly vocals of punk band HSY.

Together with Egyptrixx’s David Psutka, they created something that is much more than just music. It’s an experience, a story unfolding. We meet “Lucia” in the first track, an unreliable lover or companion of some sort. The slow movement of music brings on images of swampy forests, shrouded in fog.

Chiaroscuro becomes something that makes the album intriguing. Glimmers of light in this forest can be heard in the guitar reverb of “Abris” and the saccharine vocals of “Altar Coals”. “Everyone” may be the album’s most absorbable tune as it has an easy to grasp chorus of “everyone I see is you”. “Mute Flames”, “Altar Coals” and “Black Crow” were actually part of Anamai’s previous self-titled EP, but strangely fit well into the fantasy world created in Sallows. The album culminates (though there is a bonus track afterward) with “Otolith”, which after a deep adventure through darkness is almost healing in it’s reverberations. It reminds me of Tibetan Healing bowls that are often used for meditation. Sallows is definitely not the type of album you just “put on”. It’s one you sit down and experience and perhaps you may heal some of your dark souls.