A Weird Tuesday EP Highlight.

Programm’s ‘Like the Sun’ is one of the best EP of 2015 so far. The cover art is indicative of the theme in play: the human figure is faded into the background, with a stark symbol of technology dominating the foreground. In a similar way the warmth of Jackie Game’s vocals retreat in the face of the cold, metallic sounds of synths. On occasion the notes she sings are “flattened”, as if to remind us of how the techno-culture we’ve created bears down on us, flattening our very emotions. The vocals of Jacob Soma, on the other hand, have that Ian Curtis quality of sounding leached of humanity. Soma represents the techno-human, the cog in the machine.

Although disquieting, the music is fascinating. The throbbing synthetic bass and the industrial drones are the rhythms of the modern city. And there is hope. In the extended outro to “Zero Zero Zero”, the piano-like keys twinkle like a remnant of our emotional selves — buried, but never eradicated.