[Album Review] Etiquette- Reminisce
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Release Date: March 24th, 2015
Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

Julie Fader has a solo career in her own right and partner Graham Walsh is well renowned as a member of Holy Fuck as well as for his production work. Combining forces they come up with an album of solid dream pop set against an ambient electronic wash.

The album starts off, quite fittingly, with “Pleasantries”. A gentle mid-tempo thump, a slightly glitchy rhythm and a haze of synths set the backing for Fader’s lovely voice, as she croons “what did I do wrong this time/in your mind?” That song essentially sets the template for much of the album – slow-boiled musings on love, loss, loneliness with competently crafted electronic arrangements. Listening to the flow of these songs puts you into a kind of reverie, albeit a pleasant one, which you are never really shook out of, except when the more house-oriented synth beat of “Twinkling Stars” kicks in.

Fader and Walsh may have been shooting for the cold aesthetics of the Drive soundtrack but what they created was a collection of electronic pop tunes that are individually far above average but collectively lack a variety in tone.