Michael Feuerstack w/ Overnight @ Burdock Music Hall 3/26/2015

Last night, I ventured to the newly opened Burdock Music Hall to catch Michael Feuerstack play. It was only the third show they have held in the venue. It still smelled of fresh wood and paint.

Opening the night was Toronto’s Overnight comprised of writer Carla Gillis and sister Lynette Gillis (Plum Tree/Scott Pilgrim). I hadn’t previously heard their music so I actually assumed I would be treated to a folk set but boy was I wrong. They ended up rocking the room with hard hitting songs like “Showed Up On the Beach” from their latest release Carry Me Home.

The room was full by the time Michael Feuerstack hit the stage with his band. His set began with “Clackity Clack” from his recent release The Forgettable Truth, of which he was celebrating the release of last night. The tune was performed as gently as it was done on record. The one thing I have to say about this new venue is that the hall is small and intimate, but it also exacerbated the fact people were talking during his set and wrecked some of the quieter, beautiful moments.

That didn’t matter during heavy hitters like “The Devil” though. His backing band, which included Pietro Amato (Bell Orchestre, Luyas) on keys/french horn, Peter Xirogiannis on bass as well Jeremy Gara from Arcade Fire was strong. The demeanour on stage felt like they were very close friends with one another. They delivered the majority of songs from the new record finishing with the album’s final track “Munrovia”.

Feuerstack is a weird one because I’ve never really felt the urge to sit down and listen to his records (even as Snailhouse) but live is a whole other thing.