As a music audience, you always root for acts you love to play on bigger stages, literally and metaphorically. For some, the progress is gradual, giving bands the required time to mature as performers and expand their show proportionally to the size of the venues. While some experience success like a sudden growth spurt, not knowing how to deal. Horrible analogies aside, the Kiwi pop duo Broods unfortunately found them in the latter group this past Friday on their Toronto date.

  Coming out to roaring cheers and neon-blue backlights, Georgia and Caleb Nott opened with ‘Never Gonna Change’.  Georgia had a certain youthful spunk about her, capering around the stage through the high energy ‘Everytime’. The vocals took a front seat in the quieter numbers ‘Killing You’ and acoustic-y ‘Taking You There’. There was a considerable lull when the duo played the less familiar tracks of their small discography. Georgia’s nervous pandering drew in some cheers, yet most of her mid-song banter was indiscernible. The minimalist stage props did enhance the mood, like the gentle sway of blowing curtains heighten the serenity of ‘Bridges’.


Ability to engage a crowd is vital to a band’s stage presence. Whether you are the diehard in the front row or the last min walk in, the band should be able to draw you in. With the Broods, there was a sense of disconnect throughout the evening. In 2014, they wowed a much-smaller crowd at The Drake. Just a year may not be enough for the duo to deal with the sudden rise.