Valery Gore recently left her Toronto home to spend time in London. She will be back soon, however, on a mini tour of Canada. Today she is releasing a new video, which features a remixed version of “Knife Dream” from her 2008 album ‘Avalanche to Wandering Bear’.  Despite her hectic schedule she managed to take some time to answer a few of our questions:

Tell us about this remix/video.
Devon Henderson, my bass player and co-producer on ‘Idols In The Dark Heart’ remixed this track “Knife Dream”, off my previous album. He randomly decided one day to give it a whole other concept. Our friend Joshua Van Tassel tracked some drums for it. We perform this arrangement live now. Mostly because it’s pretty groovy and doesn’t involve three saxophones. I edited the little video to accompany this track that’s about a horrible nightmare I’d had.

What’s with the move to London? Is it permanent?
Part of me has wanted to live in Europe for while, and I decided to take the leap. I wanted the inspiration of new surroundings, of a city so crammed full of things to experience. I’d really like to get the album released through a label over here, to get somewhat established career wise would be great. I guess a fresh start was needed. I am giving it at least one year, but that’s all I know for now!

What is influencing you right now, musically? Can we expect any new directions in your future music?
I just went to a really great forensics exhibit at The Wellcome Gallery last night, and jotted down a few things that I thought might inspire some lyrics. I predict that wandering all the free galleries will continue being influential, musically. Moving to a new country is slightly more alienating than most things, so that’s been influencing me lately.

Otherwise, I’m learning Ableton and got a trigger pad, so this new approach will heavily direct my composing. I’m keeping performance in mind while writing and recording, and want to see how far I can go to build a solo sound with looping and sampling. Just a sketch of my plans, we’ll see where it goes.

What are you working on currently? New material?
I’m working toward having an EP worth of songs by the end of summer. Because the production of Idols was so involved and lengthy, something new that is quaint and can be heard in a more timely manner would be nice and relieving. There’s a lot I want to say and create and it feels especially urgent. I’d like to write a more ‘straight ahead’ record, though I said that last time and was told I very much did not!

Anything else new that you’d like to share? Tours?
We’ll be playing in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto the second week of April! See you soon Canada!

Thursday April 9 – O Patro Vys, Montreal
Saturday April 11 – National Arts Centre, Ottawa
Sunday April 12 – The Drake Underground, Toronto