the elwins_min

I don’t get out of the house very often but there’s no better reason to go out than a show filled with amazing Canadian talent. The Elwins’ name has been on my radar for quite some time and while I’m sure I’ve heard a few tunes of their over the years, I made a point of not listening to their stuff just so I could experience it for the first time. This was also the case for their openers who were both local bands. Thrifty Kids started out the night and I instantly felt some Alvvays-esque vibes, with their frontwoman’s soft grungy vocals and their surf rock guitar licks.

Next up was Finding Chuck, who mixed power pop and alternative rock to create a unique sound that’ll be found on their upcoming EP. This along with a couple covers got everyone in the venue pumped up and ready to dance so hard with The Elwins.

These four guys absolutely know what they’re doing when it comes to putting on a great live show, and my legs (which still hurt from all the dancing I did) can attest to that. While they played a few of their older tunes, The Elwins focused on giving us a taste of their recently released album, Play For Keeps. “Bubble,” and “Bringing Out The Shoulders” were just a few of the new songs that I instantly knew I’d want to listen to over and over (and I definitely have already).

To make the intimate show even more personal, Feurd, the guitarist/keyboardist, gave a heartfelt shoutout to Ottawa and a couple that had asked The Elwins to play at their wedding, who happened to be in the crowd. They ended their set with the single “So Down Low,” which is arguably the most energetic song from Play For Keeps, as it got the entire venue singing along even if they had never heard the song before. It’s that catchy. Quickly after they left the stage, the crowd started cheering for an encore, and of course the band obliged with their favourite Beyonce cover, “Countdown.” The Elwins sad I was allowed to say that I’ve sung with them since during the final countdown Matthew Sweeney, singer/guitarist, pointed his mic at me to sing “eight.” Obviously this is my favourite moment of the night.