[Album Review] The Wax Girl- Between Screens
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Release Date: February 10th, 2015
Label: Independent

After The Wax Girl’s excellent 2014 EP Anosmic (which Ride the Tempo described as “gorgeous post-rock ambiance”) the question remained whether Alex Wright’s project was just a one-trick pony. Apparently not. The full-length follow-up ‘Between Screens’ is an even stronger set of music, and also more purposeful.

In fact, to call the music on this record ‘ambient’ is frankly a misnomer as these tunes actually have structure. To give an example, “Conflict” starts out in a state of anticipation, with the keyboard chords and the electro-beat coiled in anxiety and apprehension. Before long the guitar arrives, writhing in menacing but not destructive loops. The bassline heightens the tension as the guitar is answered by the echoing clang of percussion. Eventually the guitar departs to be replaced by dramatic synths that slowly fade and then completely dissolve.

In a similar way, each track tells its own “story” with shifting moods and with progressions followed by descents. There’s the pensiveness of “Rift”, the desolation of “Fallout” and the pleasant musing “Plume”. A real standout is ‘Nuclear Winter’ which conjures up a mix of emotions that culminate in a sort of futuristic nostalgia.

Despite being instrumental, ‘Between Screens’ is not merely aural wallpaper – with its ebbing and flowing tones it weaves tales that have no need for words.