owen davies

Don’t let the cover photo fool you — this is not another yawn-inspiring indie folk thing. This little 4-track EP is a real gem. So, OK, if you had to call it anything I suppose you would say ‘indie folk’, but Davies keeps things refreshingly off-centre even though he does so with subtle touches. “Parking Lot” starts out with a chant that is almost monk-like, but pretty soon a clapping beat kicks in and then a pleasing poppy rhythm. “Thundercloud” startles you by opening with a scream, but that too is quickly over as the song settles in to a sparse arrangement with “close”-sounding vocals. It’s a pleasant surprise when synths join in fairly late on this track. There’s a danceable beat (not exactly house, mind you) to “’91 Twins”, a self-conscious yacht rock number. The final song, “Dallas”, is reminiscent of Ty Segall and just as satisfying. Mid-way through Davies hits us with some psychedelic effects, erasing any notion that the tune is going to be a straight-forward acoustic guitar number.

Owen Davies is a new name to me, but he sounds as if he is set to make his mark on the Canadian scene with his own peculiar brand of indie music.