[Album Review] Will Butler- Policy
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Release Date: March 10th, 2015
Label: Merge Records

Arcade Fire member Will Butler, let loose in Policy, giving us a fun album that doesn’t take itself too seriously.Beginning with “Take My Side” it takes advantage of spontaneity and dance-abl e hooks. You could imagine someone on the dance floor luring someone with these words. The “ba boms” of “Anna” are the world’s simplest hook but at the same time it’s already made this album more memorable and than Arcade Fire’s attempt to create the same dancerock effect in Reflektor.

The full album isn’t all danceable jams. There are ballads to including the refreshingly imperfect “Finish What I Started”. The following “Sun of God” could almost pass for an Arcade Fire B-side. With “Something’s Coming” he introduces another smooth disco rhythm. He keeps whatever is coming pretty vague. Another ode to religion is made “The lord, the lord is watching with his feet up on the bed. The lord, the lord is watching, but he’s not your friend.”  The two religious connotations made in a row make this album seem too gospel-choir ish.

Thankfully, Butler breaks out of it with the intriguing “What I Want”. The lines are rather ridiculous but it’s my favourite song on the album: “If you come and take my hand, I will buy you a pony. We can cook it for supper. I know a great recipe for pony macaroni.” I am legitimately curious if he’s ever eaten pony macaroni. The synth pokes and arrangement are as playful as the lyrics in this sound.

“Sing To Me” is another lovely piano ballad and minimal production letting the listener get personal with Butler. He finishes the album off with the final upbeat tune “Witness”, which does delve into gospel again but also can be interpreted other ways.  He leaves us with a build up to saxophone solos, call and response singing and a final, “Can I get a witness?”  Anyways, religious connotations or not, the album is still a great time to be had.