[Album Review] Purity Ring- another eternity
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Release Date: March 4th, 2015
Label: Last Gang Records/ 4AD

Purity Ring has been a constantly growing pop-electronic sensation since they first unveiled “Ungirthed” and “Loftcries” to the blogosphere. They are reaching a larger population, no longer just indie sweet hearts and in another eternity, they truly embraced this with bigger, bold production.

I enjoy the change in production. At times a lot of the songs on Shrines were too similar, to tied down with the same synth noise that Corin Roddick programs into the lights of their live show. What’s not lost is the deep meaning and darkness embolded in the lyrics beneath Megan James’ sweet exterior. The words are more crisp and clear, easier to grasp onto but yet full of depth. They even published all of them on their official website. At times James’ sugary vocals seem like a scary cover for the words she’s singing which delves into areas of sex, violence, rape even. The relationship that is sung about within another eternity seems complex, uneasy, not easily explained.

For those who don’t too deep into words, another eternity is earwormy enough for the mainstream listener. While fans of Shrines will find pieces of “Fineshrine”-like sounds within songs like “push pull” and “heartsigh” there’s plenty of difference as well. “stranger than earth” delves into hip-hop  beats with a thumping bass and the underlining of “dust hymn” sounds like the perfect beat for Drake to rap over. The following “Flood on the Floor” explores trap sounds and also makes a great club banger.

Purity Ring has inspired a rise of Canadian cute-voiced weird electropop artists over the years, but it’s still this duo that has the most distinct sound of them all. It’s very hard to mistake them for someone else.