[Album Review] Uaxyacac- Homemade Myth
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Release Date: January 25th, 2015
Label: Port Vanderlay

In the future one conjures up in listening to Uaxyacac the world is a bleak, desolate wasteland. Robo-drones patrol the streets prodding the huddled masses to ensure that no one displays any form of subversive individuality. Emotions have been standardized and digitized and are dispensed from vending machines manufactured by the great Church of Industry.

This dark sci-fi vision is more the mood brought on by the band’s dystopian synth rock than the literal subject matter of the songs, but it does serve as a good metaphor. The landscape here is the human psyche, in which we wander desperately as in a labyrinth, unsure of what is real and what is illusion. As frontman Nick Smith sings in “The Night Sky is a Mirror”: “Looking in, down on these four walls/Living a lie that we made for ourselves”. And in our search we hope that love is the answer, but dread that it is not. “Each day you die, just a little more inside,” is the message from “The Love You Feel is Something Else”.

The sci-fi isn’t entirely metaphorical, however. The instrumental “Libra King Baleen” has that cold, krautrock futuristic feel and the song “Unterwelt” is a sci-fi dream as related by a narrator. Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the latter is the realization that the ‘person’ the narrator is speaking to is a machine.

When it comes to weaving tales of existential dread and emotional dissociation Uaxyacac do a commendable job, and they provide the perfect Philip K. Dick soundtrack to go with it.