[Album Review] The Elwins- Play For Keeps
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Release Date: February 24th, 2015
Label: Hidden Pony Records

Winter seems like a weird time to release a pop album like Play For Keeps, but The Elwins are here to cure your winter SADS.

You’ll forget that the weather is even below 0 when you listen to the opener “Bubble”. It’s bound to end up on the radio with the ranks of labelmates Said the Whale and Imaginary Cities. The same goes for the following “Show Me How To Move” , “Wake Up The Sun” and “So Down Low”. If you’ve never seen The Elwins play, their live sets are always solid so these tunes will definitely lend to their concerts.

Fans of The Elwins’ older work will appreciate the quirky “Is There Something?” and the more laid back “Off The Wall”. “Sexual Intellectual” is the  noticeably different tune from Play For Keeps. It gets mysterious, starts a tad bit dark between breaking into a brighter chorus showing that underneath all the layers of pop, they aren’t afraid to experiment a little bit.

 After all, “playing for keeps” in any game requires some risk taking but there’s always a reward with the winner and in this case they’ve won over their fans and our ears.