[Album Review] Michael Feuerstack- The Forgettable Truth
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Release Date: February 17th, 2015
Label: Forward Music Group

The artist formerly known as Snailhouse has put out his third album under his actual name, and there is good news, some more good news and some bad news. The good news is that he is back to using his own voice after last year’s experiment with other vocalists (‘Singer Songer’). This is significant because, despite its imperfections, his voice is engagingly appropriate for the material. There is more good news in that the album contains some real gems, like the lethargic and mournful “Clackity-Clack” and the slow-boiling countrified blues number “Glacier Love”.

The bad news? Too much of the music here wanders further over into mainstream territory than any self-respecting indie artist should be. Some may argue that it is just Feuerstack’s slacker, Beck-does-yacht-rock thing, but when does self-aware pastiche simply become Wonderbread music? Well, when you put out songs like “Receiver” and “Monrovia” with their cloying, ‘70s AOR choruses, that’s when.

The music here is not adventurous and it takes a definite back-seat to Feuerstack’s contemplative but disillusioned persona and lyrics. This approach works well on such songs as the observant “Clackity-Clack” or the visual and emotionally evocative “Cemetery Trees”, but it doesn’t manage to fully elevate some of the other tracks above the bland morass.

If you ignore the album’s bookend tracks, the majority of the songs on ‘The Forgettable Truth’ are solid. However, only about six of those are standout quality, and you don’t exactly expect filler from a veteran indie artist like Feuerstack.