Lowell, The Acorn, Del Bel, Last Ex, ginla @ The Polish Combatants Hall (SPK) 2/14/2015 #WL15

Saturday was Valentine’s Day, but for the past few years I have given my heart to Wavelength. The show at The Polish Combatants Hall was also All Ages and couples young and old were in attendance.

The night began with the chill bedroom vibes of ginla. The vocals were whisper-like, but I think that was result of a bad mix, something that most of the sets had to no fault of the artists.

Instrumental band Last Ex was up next performing tunes from their self-titled release on Constellation Records. The band was like an instrumental version of Timber Timbre, which 2 of them are members: Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield. It was moody, eerie and occasionally like  a trip to outerspace.

Del Bel was celebrating the release of their self-titled sophomore album. Tyler Belluz had synth troubles which strangely didn’t get fixed until he stopped to point it out to the sound guy. Despite this, when they performed, the tunes were beautiful. People around me were wishing they had the voice of Lisa Conway as she opened with “In Solitude”. They ended the set with a special treat, a cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” which had the couples in the audience holding each other.

Dressed in a winter jacket, The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener subtly mocked Torontonians who thought it was cold that weekend. Ottawa (where the band is from) actually was the coldest on the planet. Though the members are always busy doing something or other, The Acorn themselves haven’t released an album since 2010’s No Ghost. However, tonight they debuted some new material which maintains the loveliness of their catalogue.

The night’s headlining act was Lowell opened (after an interlude) with “Cloud 69”. The singer was decked out in white and lights. She experienced her share of sound problems that night with the microphone cutting out in the middle of “Palm Trees”. She handled herself well though and kept the audience engaged (while the problem took a while to fix) by rapping to the audience through her megaphone. I’ve seen Lowell so many times but that might be one of my favourite things she’s ever done.

She kept the party going when all was fixed by handing out glowsticks and throwing out fake money (for “I Love You Money” of course). “The Bells” closed the set before an encore of a revived “Palm Trees”.