Controller.Controller, Art Bergmann, Most People, Delta Will, Hervana, LOCKBOX, More or Les & Skeletones Four @ Sneaky Dee’s 2/23/2015 #WL15


Wavelength Festival’s Friday night had two parts. The first part was a series of cover sets where local bands played tribute to great Canadian artists. The other half was a set by Art Bergmann and the reunion of Controller.Controller.

Skeletones Four  began the night playing tunes from the prolific Jim Guthrie, who was actually watching from the audience whether the band knew it or not.

Rapper More or Les  followed covering hip-hop artists’ Saukrates, Kardinal Official and finishing off with The Rascalz’ “Northern Tough” which he performed with members from Toronto’s Hip-Hop Karaoke events, including the legendary Thrust. One of my favourite parts of this set was More or Les’ own song “Brunch 3.0”. Look it up, it will be your brunch anthem for now on.

LOCKBOX featuring Laura Barrett performed synth-pop versions of Owen Pallett the Owen Pallett tunes “Song For Five ad Six”, “Keep the Dog Quiet” and “Many Lives, 49 MP.”

Nirvana cover band Hervana took a different direction for the night taking on The Constantines, who were also in attendance but they don’t know until after. They did justice to audience favourites like “Young Lions” and “Shine A Light”.

Delta Will took on Caribou, staying true to the main essence of the band using the same samples as Dan Snaith did for the mix. They even opened with a Manitoba (before Caribou) before continuing to erupt a dance party with “She’s the One” and “Can’t Do Without You”.

Most People’s rendition of Broken Social Scene was also a masterpiece as they took on “Lover’s Spit”, “7/4 Shorline” and “Sweetest Kill”.

From there, the tribute sets ended and old-timer Art Bergmann took the stage. While his set was well played, energetic and had decent interaction with the audience it felt long after quick sets that were 3 songs each. They were also before the much anticipated Controller.Controller. However, Bergmann’s set seemed like it would never end (he played for a total of 80 minutes) and even fans of Controller.Controller had decided to leave because it was passed 1am.

I was exhausted but I already had come this far so of course I was going to stay for Controller.Controller’s first set in 8 years. There was a few technical difficulties and a bass needed to be borrowed from Most People but everyone who was still in the audience (it was still rammed), were delighted for the reunion. Nirmala Basnayake commanded the vocals like she had never stopped and Ronnie Morris played the bass with the same trance occasionally falling into the audience. Staying out way past bedtime was well worth it.

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