[Album Review] Samantha Savage Smith- Fine Lines
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Release Date: January 27th, 2015
Label: Pipe & Hat

Calgary’s Samantha Savage Smith finally followed up her debut album Tough Cookie (2011) with Fine Lines this year.

In this album, she’s matured from singing about love to singing about all sorts of challenges that one can be faced with in life. What I always loved about Smith’s music was her distinct vocals but at times in Fine Lines, they take a little bit more of a backseat to arrangement. The delicate cookie of the past has crumbled into a little bit more of a rock star.

There are certain numbers on this album where this works splendidly as in the title track “Fine Lines” which would make a great radio single (if it wasn’t already). These tracks are no long shy or timid. Rather, they sound more confident and proud even in slower brooding numbers such as “It Makes No Difference”, singing things like, “Oh, I’ll be the one, the one to steal your heart…I’ll be the one to tear that heart apart.”

The following “Not Mine to Give” will make a perfect singalong song in concerts, something she never really thought about before. The chorus of “Kids in the Basement” is delivered in a playful manner with handclaps. Even when she tackles confusing life subjects (“Habit Forming”), they are delivered in a pleasant manner. Tough Cookie was written as songs not meant to be released but in Fine Lines, Smith is definitely not afraid to show them off.