Saltland, Nick Kuepfer, Khora @ Wavelength Pop Up 2/5/2015

On Thursday night, I stopped by the Wavelength Pop Up at the Hunt Club for the Constellation Records showcase hosted by Invocation TO, the dudes behind the recently Geary Lane venture.

First up was Khora presenting ambient vibes on a homemade synth and guitar. He looped himself into a massive frenzy, but there was a very intentional method to the madness.

Next we were entranced by Nick Kuepfer’s mixing of droney sounds on real tape decks. I thought I’d be too young to see those in use but he started, stopped, rewinded his decks in real time to create cool effects. The tape of one of his decks was wrapped along a mic stand. For what reason, I still have no idea! At the end of his set, Khora joined him and they collaborated in perfect harmony, analog mixing with digital sounds.

The night ended with Saltland aka the lovely Rebecca Foon on cello. She looped the instrument to create layers that sounded like a beautiful duet with herself. Tunes she played included “Inner City Lake” named after a program that helps bring music to inner city schools, “Unholy” inspired by the climate change movement and an organization called Pathway to Paris. The set ended with the hauntingly beautiful “Hearts Mend”.