Owen Pallett w/ Foxes in Fiction @ Lee’s Palace 1/31/2015

On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the Owen Pallett afternoon show with Foxes in Fiction. I walked into the sold out 3pm show at Lee’s Palace and got the feeling I was in for something special.

Once settled in, Foxes in Fiction eased into a warm mellow set of songs that were perfect for the time of day given the fact that most of the audience was still drinking their first coffee. It was even more heartwarming to see many parents had taken the opportunity to bring their kids. (When I was a kid I was going to Green Day and the Offspring). I couldn’t help but wonder what a curious experience it must be to take in the likes of these two artists at such a young age; It can only do great things. I snapped a quick shot of little Luka getting his photo taken while he laid on a speaker by the front stage.

With the help of Emily Reo and Owen Pallett, Foxes in Fiction played a great set with some slight instrumental variances from the latest Ontario Gothic album. In a constant feeling of slow motion courtship, these songs are nostalgic and beautifully orchestrated; A soundtrack to the first few minutes of love- “Shadow’s Song”is my jam for that reason.

Owen Pallett blew me away with his live set. When listening to him at home I’m impressed with how many delineations and complexities there are in his music. It’s never too much of anything but rather a well balanced mix of elegant instrumentation and genuine lyrical intent. What really excited me watching him live was his confidence. His band was powerful and the drumming by Robbie Gordon added a virile element that I was pleasantly surprised by. Nobody sounds like Owen Pallett and vice versa but he and his band play with a musical voracity as if they were part of a greater collective, and in many ways they are; but nobody does what Owen Pallett does. It takes courage to look that deep into yourself creatively. It then takes confidence to turn imaginative violin/keys based music into an explosive dynamic show that could go on after METZ at a festival and boil much of the same dynamic energy to the surface. Owen Pallett’s music is a graceful dream you’ve never had before and his live show is BIG.