[Album Review] Soulier- Expansions
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Release Date: February 20th, 2015
Label: Independent

Canada has become a great landscape for electronic music producers. We have mainstream exports such as Deadmau5, but we also have a thriving underground culture. Soulier is one artist who really caught my attention recently and I just had to check out this album “Expansions”. Soulier (Ryan Hall) is based in Calgary, Alberta and this is his first album releases since 2012.

The whole album has a it’s fare share of dance tracks that can be played in the clubs, but it also has a touch electronic which makes it a nice experience to hear throughout. Some of the songs feature breaks and a more futuristic sound, which I really enjoyed personally.

“Star Light Star Bright” is very much a breakbeat influenced track, but it’s interesting to hear the next track, “Thick As Thieves” leans towards more of a deep house sound. The overall album has a diverse set of sounds which is refreshing because most artists tend to be one track minded when it comes to producing electronic music albums; it’s either dancey or elaborate electronica.

Another track that really stands out for me is “Bad Habits” as it delivers a nice progressive house sound, which I’m a big fan of. This track in particular sounds quite busy, and as you listen to the album further “Creature Habits” sounds much more minimal and closer to the sound of techno.

Overall “Expansions” is a great set of sounds for those who are electronic music enthusiasts or those looking to get into electronic music as it can expose someone new to a wide range of styles all at once.