[Album Review] Siskiyou- Nervous
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Release Date: January 20th, 2015
Label: Constellation Records

After 4 years of silence, Siskiyou have finally returned with Nervous. With a ominous children’s choir Nervous begins with the dark tales of “Deserter”. Piano chords add to the deep mystery before it breaks into a full out indie-pop tune that almost sounds like Suburbs era Arcade Fire. I don’t know what is with me and the comparisons during this review because I also think the title track “Nervous” really ressembles Ohbijou’s “Niagara” from their album Metal Meets. That’s not to say those comparisons are bad. All these bands are respected, and so is Siskiyou’s turn to art-rock, away from the folkiness of Keep Away the Dead.


Considering Colin Huebert was suffering from some inner ear condition, this sounds like an album written by someone with fine ears. Particularly great attention is paid to dynamics and balance (“Violent Motion Pictures”, “Jesus in the 70s”). The frustrations of not being perfectly himself finds itself in  “Wasted Genius” but the twangy flourishes added make for one addictive song.


“Babylon Proclivities” clocks in at almost 7 minutes but it is a journey through dynamics and soundscapes, including violins by Owen Pallett that give you goosebumps. The end track “Falling Down The Stairs” that only lasts as long as it takes someone to actually fall down the stairs. “Everything’s just fucked inside your head, or so the captain says.” is the line Huebert decides to leave you with, the same tension and frustration that is reflected throughout.