Slim Twig w/ Michael Rault and Tasseomancy @ The Silver Dollar 1/23/2015

3 years ago, Slim Twig released A Hound At The Hem on Toronto label Pleasance Records as a small release. It remained mostly under the radar until now when USA’s DFA Records picked it up. Last night, Slim Twig returned to Toronto to celebrate the album’s revival at the Silver Dollar.

The twin sisters of Tasseomancy opened up the night with their percussionist Evan Cartwright. Johnny Spence was absent and it was mentioned that he was too busy falling in love. Though they were one less, they never once sounded too thin. Cartwright filled in all the spaces with his steel pan and drums. Sari Lightman’s vocals were enchanting, like that of a mysterious forest and delivered a particularily beautiful rendition of Robbie Basho’s “Blue Crystal Fire”.

Michael Rault kicked off his set with “Fall in Love With Every Girl I See” with 3 other people backing him. He delivered an entire set of alt-rock tunes that got fans in the audience dancing in the crowded space. Fans shouted out old songs for them to play Rault answered back with, “We don’t know our old songs” and continued to play newer jams until he slammed his guitar and microphone stand like a rock star when his set was over. That the last of Rault for the night.

He joined Slim Twig on stage as a guitarist. Also on stage was drummer Simone TB (from The Highest Order and Ell V Gore) which Slim Twig called the “best drummer in Canada”. Although it was an American label that would be rereleasing his album, he showed his Toronto pride by putting a Leafs jersey over his gear. The majority of his set focused on selections from A Hound At the Hem which were well received by the audience. “Please come see us again,” Twig said as he ended the night.