Ride the Tempo has many great writers and great contributors. However, that can’t stop us from missing some great Canadian tunes. Canada is a huge country and there are so many awesome artists from coast to coast.

That’s where Lost & Found comes in. This is a new feature where every week, we will invite a special contributor to share 4-12 songs with us. All songs will be highlighted in it’s own reel on the front page. These contributors will consist of band members, promoters, bloggers, writers or just crazy Canadian music fans.

Our very first contributor is Dorice Tepley. Dorice is a Concert Programmer and Marketing Coordinator at Wavelength. When she isn’t busy being a dedicated supporter of Toronto’s indie music scene, putting on, or being at shows, Dorice daydreams about how ants communicate with each other.

Check out all the exciting things happening at Wavelength here: http://www.wavelengthtoronto.com