[Album Review] Viet Cong- Viet Cong
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Release Date: January 20th, 2014
Label: (Flemish Eye/Jajaguawar)

Just like their album enters with the thunderous “Newspaper Spoons”, Viet Cong entered our ears very triumphantly and garnered a ton of buzz with their EP Cassette.

How could they not? Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace were part of the previously successful band Women. One might think the guitar riffs too loud, that there is too much noise, the lyrics almost inaudible but their eagerness for great melodies pulls it all together.  Half the songs exit as quickly as they enter. Each one of the 7 presenting a new idea. There’s a forward motion continuously, even with the almost repetitive “March of Progress”. In the end you are always rewarded. They even sing, “and this incessant march of progress, can guarantee a sure success” before the mood changes to a more upbeat rock tune that fades out to one final note.

“Bunker Buster” is my personal favourite, with jangly dissonant guitar lines repeating under a new wave-esque tune. It’s interesting how the longer Viet Cong tunes tend to change gear suddenly, never letting you completely hold onto something like a chorus. The more familiar (“Continental Shelf” and “Silhouettes”) are put near the end of the album. The first being the closest to “indie rock” that these guys will get, and the most earwormy. The latter is a synth decorated goth jam.

As I’d imagine the journey of life until one’s death, the final track “Death” takes you on a crazy tense adventure. The release into each new path is magical. The insane rhythms that pick up near the end are spellbinding. For a song that is over 11 minutes long, they furiously lead you on and you follow because you never really know when the final guitar pedal will be let go. And the silence is the reward, for the journey to death we face.