by Team RTT
We polled our writers and contributors and here are our favourite Canadian music videos of 2014.

10. Chad Vangaalen- Monster

Actual monsters here.

9.Hannah Georgas- Enemies

8.Grimes- Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)

Whatever video game this is, I want to play it.

7.Born Gold- Flowers

Watch the adventures of Cecil Frena’s feet.

6.Caribou- Our Love

An old lady remembers moments that have long passed.

5.Kandle- Not Up To Me

The video is as powerful and emotional as the song.

4.Rich Aucoin- Yelling In Sleep

Adventure Time fans will love this adorably random video.

3.PUP- Guilt Trip

Young clones of PUP get into mischief. Grant Lawrence plays a cop.

2.The Darcys- Hunting

This fake CGI-world looks so real.

1.Odonis Odonis- Order in the Court

Heironymous Bosch paintings get animated.