by Tiana Feng

Happy New Year everyone! New Year means it’s list week here at RTT. Let’s start you off with the most popular songs of 2014. These are based on the most popular posts (posted in 2014) according to Google Analytics. Maybe you’ll discover a hidden gem here!

20. Bed of Stars- Spell

19. Sarah MacDougall- I Want to See The Light

18. Esther Grey- No Good

17. The Hours- Steady Glazed Eyes


15. Ryan Hemsworth- One For Me (feat. Tinashe)

14. Abraham- Burn Bright

13. Kandle- Not Up To Me

12. Permanent Vacation- Ends All

11. Allie X- Bitch

10. Alejandra Ribera- I Want

9. Dear Frederic- Outlast

8. Hey Rosetta!- Kintsukuroi

7. Allie X- Prime

6. Alex Calder- Fatal Relay

5. Kiran Ahluwalka- Hayat

4. Arkells- Come To Light

3. Mark Anthony Clennon- Something’s Wrong With me

2. The Creepshow- See You In Hell

1. Tim Moxam- Live in the Bedroom