[Album Review] Stars- No One Is Lost
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: October 14th, 2014
Label: ATO Records

In No One Is Lost, indie-pop group Stars evolves their sound to include more electronic elements and also steers away from the bitter lovers past that hooked people onto the band in the first place.

They boldly open the album up with the lead single “From the Night” which is obviously made for radio. I like this change though as it makes this album less forgettable than its predecessor The North. As a huge fan of, Set Yourself on Fire, Heart, In Your Bedroom After the War and The Five Ghosts, I was rather underwhelmed. However No One Is Lost has revived my faith in the band.

The album is much more optimistic. “This is The Last Time” is like the follow up to the fan favourite “Your Ex-lover is Dead”. Still present is Amy and Torquil’s playful girl-boy vocal play in songs like “You Keep Coming Up” which sings, “You gotta give it away/ So you can get it for free.” In “Turn it Up”, the group are joined by children, though I think the song would do better without it, as it takes away from the lovely lyrics within.

The ballad-like quality of “What is To Be Done?” resembles their previous records. However, even though they sing, “there’s nothing we can do about that”, the tone is much more hopeful than the songs of the past. The upbeat and electronic “Trap Door” launches the band into 2014 and though it seems cheery, Torquil is a lot less optimistic. No One Is Lost presents this lovely balance of a depressing spiral and the light at the end of the tunnel. And even when times are tough, the band teaches you you can just dance through it. “Put your hands up because everybody does.”

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