Photos & Words by Michael Silvestre

Friday night’s Austra show was a well programmed line up of like minded musicians.

Blue Hawaii warmed up the stage for Austra with an energetic set under strictly blue light. Raphaelle Standell-Preston (front-woman for Blue Hawaii) vocally guided songs to their summit with a voice that is sometimes reminiscent of early Bjork. Her gutteral and uplifting expression was well supported by the on stage programming/triggering done by her partner Alex Agor Cowan. Their set had the Opera House give them a long and well-deserved send off especially after they shared with the crowd that their computer and hard drives had been stolen a week prior, allowing only a few days to build this set from scratch.

Austra took the stage to a full room. Playing mostly songs from Olympia they had the Opera House fired up from the jump. In their all white suits, the band tightly infatuated the crowd and settled why Austra has become a headliner in 2014. The decision to write, record and perform their second album with a full band has proved to be the right one. Austra comes across even larger in their live format. These songs have a soft whispering expression but when played live with the assistance of bass and drums, they deliver an authoritative elegance. Go see Austra. I’m glad I did.