by Mark Anthony Brennan
notta comet

Notta Comet are three very clever dudes from Montreal who have a penchant for both math rock and Frank Zappa weirdness. Their template is to lay down an alt rock riff, loop it, do some free-form jamming and then add some absurdist lyrics over top. It’s a formula that serves them well as they address topics such as religion, politics, social mores and the like. Their vocal style tends to vary from very Zappa-like (“Wino Threat”) to ’90s slacker (“Subways”), and from Bowie-like glam (“Facism”) to punk (“Somebody Oughta Burn Down Ray Kurzweil’s House”).

The Good: “Don’t Upset My God”. Starts with a David Byrne-ish burst of sarcastic ranting and ends with a gently flowing guitar-driven instrumental.
The Bad: The strictures of math rock can get annoying if you listen to it for prolonged periods. At times, such as in “Colonial Authorities”, the band loosens up a bit and the music is more fluid. But otherwise, limit your intake to a maybe a couple of tracks at a time.
The Upshot: A great band and great music, but they tend to be driven to a creative frenzy (“Flower Song”, for example, is pretty hard to take). But there’s melody and lyrical ingenuity at work, so it’s worth taking the time to let this grow on you.