Dan Mangan + Blacksmith w/ Peregrine Falls @ Mod Club 12/15/2014

Last night, Dan Mangan played the Mod Club as part of Virgin Mobile’s Re*Generation campaign. The program raises money to help homeless youth find jobs.
Peregrine falls is the duo of Gordon Grdina and Kenton Loewen (both of which are also in Dan Mangan’s band Blacksmith). The duo triumphantly thrashed through an all instrumental set of punk/metal-tinged rock.
Shortly after, Grdina and Loewen took the stage again with Dan Mangan and John Walsh. Their set consisted of a variety of songs off their upcoming album Club Meds including “Offred”, “Kitsch”, “Mouthpiece” and “Vessel.” Of course there were also Mangan’s old songs from Oh Fortune and Nice, Nice Very Nice. Unfortunately, sound issues erupted throughout the first half of the set. Favourites like “Leaves, Trees, Forest” and “Starts With Them, Ends With Us” were almost unrecognizable. At first I thought they were doing some weird re-interpretations to match the new material, but many members and Mangan himself could be seen covering their ears trying to hear themselves. He was visibly bothered, but at the same time stormed through without complaining about sound or saying much.

As the set progressed it got better. When Mangan isolated his own vocals for a more acoustic part of a song it rang beautifully. Perhaps, the mix of the band is still in the early stages of being figured out. At least it will be a few months until he returns to a sold out show at Massey, and will have more time to put themselves together.