[Album Review] Caribou- Our Love
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by Mark Anthony Brennan



Release Date: October 7th, 2014
Label: Merge Records

After 2010’s ‘Swim’ it should come as no surprise that Caribou (aka Dan Snaith) should again delve into contemporary R&B on his new album ‘Our Love’. And even though the lyrics take on a lighter tone this time out, long-time fans can be rest assured that Snaith is not forsaking his subtle artistry in his march to the dancefloor.

Even on the most radio friendly of tracks there are still the hallmark textures and arrangements that one associates with Snaith’s craft. For example on “Second Chance”, a track featuring vocals by Jessy Lanza, there are synth lines that are so challenging to the listener’s ear that they sound off-key. Elsewhere on the record Snaith’s deft touch is more clearly in evidence, such as the pan flute-like leopards that dance above the beat on “Mars” and the low-key rotating signatures on “Our Love” that keep coming at you with increased intensity as the song builds.

Snaith’s delicately vulnerable voice is well-suited for the personal but upbeat nature of the subject matter here, and his decision to put out his most mainstream work to date may gain him a broader appeal. At the same time, he is not alienating any of his stalwart fans as his experimental leanings are still on full display.