by Mark Anthony Brennan

Kuato’s Mike D’Eon takes some time away from the band to put out a solo effort under the name Fossil Cliffs. He recorded the 5-track EP himself in his basement, and it has the kind of eclecticism you’d expect from a guy who wants to do some exploring outside of the confines of a band. There’s math rock (“Summer Sun”), downbeat indie folk rock (“In My Eyes”) and a touch of ’90’s slacker alt pop (“Wake Me Up”). “Cold” is one of those odd, off-kilter folk numbers that you’d expect from Beck, and “Down and Out” is like a cross between Fleet Foxes and Neil Young.

The Good: “Cold”. What can I say, I’m a big Beck fan.
The Bad: Although there is overall variety, each individual song has that single-minded vision that comes with self-recorded efforts.
The Final Dust Off: A very solid solo effort, but please don’t quit Kuato.