by Ani Hajderaj

Toronto fully embraces house and techno, but sometimes a little funk is lacking. The Hoxton was filled with funky variations of techno and house music with the French Express label showcase. The club was busy and not overly packed, making it a very enjoyable overall experience to be there. The Canadian PK Sound speakers are always a great feature inside The Hoxton as they really take a beating, but on that night things were a little more chilled out.

The night began with Moon Boots spinning his sounds then was followed by Isaac Tichauer who played one of the most fun house sets I’ve heard in a while! The night was ended by special guest Ben Pearce who played his signature tech house sound. Moon Boots had a chilled out set that really set the mood of what the label is about, which is how a house music event should be. Isaac Tichauer was a little more intense as he fused tech house with funk elements really well, I was thoroughly impressed! The night ended with Ben Pearce where the music was more about the tech house, it was a good way to close the night.

One thing I noticed was people were very into all the sets even though each DJ brought a different style to the table. I enjoyed watching people get into the funky beats especially. I was disappointed the party ended early but it was worth seeing all the sounds blend together so well throughout the night. I left The Hoxton feeling satisfied.

The Hoxton is a multipurpose venue but I felt that night the vibe of the party was perfect for the type of sound provided. Be sure to stay tuned with Embrace events for more great house music nights!