[Album Review] Gold and Marrow- Forever
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by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: September 30th, 2014
Label: Independent


‘Forever’ is the debut album for the group formerly known as Shannon Rose and the Thorns. This 10-song collection showcases Rose’s keen ability to craft mature indie pop. “Lamb” and “Hold My Fire” are both mid-tempo songs and both are bouncy and melodic. With one exception, the balance of the tracks are slow numbers, ranging from dream pop (“Ice and Snow”) to soulful ballad (“Something Divine”) and a few places in between. “Striking Gold” is that one exception with its frenetic beat and brassy chorus.

The Good: “Ides of March” features breathy vocals, a ’60’s girl group vibe and a                blues/jazz edge. What a combination.

The Bad:  There aren’t more songs like “Striking Gold”. With this infectious beat maybe Rose should kick it up a notch more often.

Overall:  Compares favourably to other female-lead bands, such as Goldfrapp.