[Album Review] Hush Pup- Waterwings
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by Mark Anthony Brennan



Release Date: September 25th, 2014
Label: Legwarmer Records

The album ‘Waterwings’ opens with the delicate wash of synths followed by the ethereal sounds of Ida Maidstone’s breathy vocals. You think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Maybe you have. Dream pop heaven, that is.

‘Waterwings’ is sadly only six tracks long, but those six songs pack a real wallop. The album is beautifully orchestrated with swooping keyboards and restrained guitars. And Maidstone’s voice is angelic, whether she’s floating through the heavens (“Magic Hour”), leading us across the dance floor (“Swimming”) or just being a playful sex kitten (“Thailand”).

Hush Pup come off like a modern-day Cocteau Twins, except with more inventive change-ups and better song structures. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but when it comes to dream pop it simply does not get any better than this.