[Album Review] The Wooden Sky- Let's Be Ready
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: September 2nd, 2014
Label: Chelsea Records

It’s been 2 years since The Wooden Sky released the beautiful folk album Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun. Since then, Gavin Gardiner built himself a home studio out of a garage in his backyard, which is why it’s perfectly fitting that a photo of spot on Dundas West would make the cover of Let’s Be Ready.

This change probably inspired Let’s Be Ready’s more raw, indie rock sound, along with Chris Stirnger’s (from Timber Timbre) production work. It moved away from the atmospheric folk sounds of its predecessor. The band also went through some other changes, bassist Andrew Wyatt left the band, and they also left Black Box Music for their own imprint Chelsea Records.

The album’s opener and lead single “Saturday Night” is a hopeful tune in a time when not everything’s going right. This is paired with bright and memorable guitars. Toronto references are littered throughout, but subtly and not an integral part to the enjoyment of the music (ie. I never like bands for the sole reason of being overtly Torontonian). It was also quite inspired by life on the road as “Our Hearts Were Wrong” reference Greyhound buses.

 Those who hold the previous album dear will have their wishes granted in the ballad of “Kansas City”, “Write Them Down” and the gorgeous guitar strumming of the title track “Let’s Be Ready”. My favourite parts are the uplifting melodies of tunes like “When the Day is Fresh, and the Light is New” and “Maybe It’s No Secret” that border on radio friendly.

Whether you’re a long time fan of The Wooden Sky, or a new listener, there’s something for you to love in Let’s Be Ready.