by Mark Anthony Brennan

OK, so just what is it with me and New Brunswick these days?? I don’t going looking for it – music from that province somehow just keeps crossing my path. I don’t mind!

Vogue Dots are the experimental duo of Babette Hayward and Tynan Dunfield, and their self-titled debut is a thing of rare beauty. The only negative thing to say here is that it is too damn short. The Vogue Dots are meticulous in their production, leaving not one note wasted or out of place. Listening to their EP is such a rich and satisfying experience that you want to scream in frustration when it ends all too quickly.

This is essentially indie folk set to dreamy electronica. The duo weave complex tapestries of clever instrumentation, while Hayward’s ethereal voice hangs in the air like a wispy cloud. From the throbbing, danceable beats of “Skinny Thing” to the gorgeous atmospherics of “Mercy” this is one of the best collection of songs you’ll hear all year. Guaranteed.

And, hey, thanks New Brunswick. Stay classy!