by Mica McCurdy

This weekend the Etsy Roadtrip completed it’s tour featuring local artists and music in the beautiful Distillery District. Toronto’s own Taylor Knox Band played two sets on the Saturday sunshine soaked afternoon, and their tunes only added to the idyllic setting as families and tourist wandered by.


The band included Taylor Knox (vocals, guitar), Jason (drums), and Aaron Harvey (bass, harmonies), whose simple set up allowed a clear articulation of each instrument’s sound and each musician’s skill. Musically, the band knows balance well and the songs were seemingly written with that in mind.

Opening with “My Backyard”, Knox’s vocals were reminiscent of John K. Samson’s Weakerthans days, which made for an easy entry point to enjoying the sets. Similarly to Samson, Knox’s lyrics are strikingly self aware with ruminations like “I’m such a little downer / what’s wrong with a little fear of failure?” in “The Spark” and the slyly sung “Now I know / nothing is impossible” in the track of the same name.

“Nothing Is Impossible” also features a haunting guitar line, showing off that Knox has particular talent in writing for electric guitar. In “Fire” the success of the song is in his soaring yet breezy part, and the final song of the set the easy rock sounds the band made seem so natural got the crowd up and dancing (or at least openly swaying). The highlight though was their cover of the Beatles classic “Dear Prudence”, which made for a family friendly moment as parents, fidgety kids, and shoe-shopping tourists stopped and connected with the band’s laid-back vibe.

If you’re looking for more end of summer shows to catch outside of the festival weekends, you can chill out with the Taylor Knox Band on August 28th at the The Horseshoe as they open for Library Voices.