[Album Review] PS I Love You- For Those Who Stay
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
Label: Paper Bag Records

Since 2012’s Death Dreams Paul Saulnier move from Kingston to Toronto. However, For Those Who Stay was still recorded in Kingston at Bathouse Studio. This third LP is the first that they’ve ever recorded in a proper studio. It’s evident in Saulnier’s generous guitar shredding and Benjamin Nelson attacks the drums with great force.

“I’m sorry I forgot about that thing we were supposed to do last week”, sings Saulnier in the psychedelic opener “In My Mind At Last”. There’s a general uncertainty in the 9 tracks of For Those Who Stay. Even the album title seems semi-directed to their admirers that have stuck with them for all these years. In fact the title track even sings “How much did it hurt to make it this far? I still believe in you all.”

I wasn’t really a fan of the fuzzy darkness of their previous Death Dreams but this album brings back the brightness and the loveable elements of 2010’s Meet Me At Muster Station, particularly in “Advice”. Just when you thought you had them figured out this time around, they throw the tom-tom filled delicate folk jam “Bad Brain Day”. For this moment it’s like we’ve travelled to some other band’s record. Storm clouds ignite (literally) at the end and this randomly transitions into the catchy “Limestone Radio”. The weird thing continuously with PS I Love You is that yes their songs can be catchy, but not enough to leave an earworm you’ll be singing to yourself later. “Afraid of the Light” and “Friends Forever” teases this just enough.


If you are a PS I Love fan, this record presents “More of the Same” while expanding sonically beyond what they’ve done. With more gear at their disposal this is most definitely their most ambitious album yet.