[Album Review] some minor noise- Anachronisms
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: July 14th, 2014
Label: Emprise Music

In 2014, we saw the release of a bunch male-fronted dark pop like Trust’s “Joyland” and The Hidden Camera’s “Age”. Electropop duo Some Minor Noise even the playing-field with their debut Anachronisms.

While Jane Void’s vocals doesn’t completely drown you in darkness, the general tone of it is there. Opener sings of being a lover to someone who’s already in a committed relationship. The beats that accompany are playful and almost cheery. Other times, it reminds me of 8-bit video games (“Deadhead”). They basically took topics of shit getting fucked up (getting too drunk, dealing with mental health issues, heartache etc), and mix them with contrasting productions. The ominous “Falling Off” closely mirrors the feelings of depression, the arrangement haunting like the disease itself. “This is medicine at its best, I’m not quite alive but not dead yet” Void sings in “Psycho Endive”.

“It Never Ends” closes the album like a secret promise that the voices in their heads will continue to write us new tunes. One thing is for sure, Some Minor Noise’s music is not as passive as their name might seem to imply.