by Tiana Feng
Grimes @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
On Saturday Embrace’s TIME Fest took place after a three year hiatus. Mother Nature  gave no favours as it rained the entire time. Due to miscommunication of some sort, the umbrellas of early patrons were confiscated at the door. This led to a lot of wet fans who were angry when they saw others enter with them. Water bottles weren’t allowed in either. None of these instructions were previously indicated anywhere. 

Holloh @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Anyways, I arrived at Fort York a little bit before doors open because I thought I’d be nice and see the act that won the contest to open for the festival. However doors weren’t open until closer to 12, so if Obeson performed, they did to absolutely nobody except on-site staff. When I walked in, the stage already projected the words “Holloh”, the name of the DJs who were the second act.

To be honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to the DJs (not my thing in a live setting), so I will leave most of them out of the review. However there was plenty of dancing in the rain for Kaytranada, Sango and Jon Hopkins.

Ice Cream @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
New act Ice Cream played deliciously close to noon but unfortunately did not sound as delightful as their name. I don’t blame the band though, their sound check was rushed leading vocals to be almost inaudible.

Lowell @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Lowell followed, and thankfully any sound issues were all solved. She zoomed through a 4 song set which included “Cloud 69” “Bells” “Palm Tree” and her latest single “I Love You Money.”

Haerts @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Brooklyn’s Haerts fortunately had a bit more time on stage to show off their upbeat indie-pop tunes. Nina Fabi’s lovely vocals kept the incoming concert-goers happy as it began to rain a little heavier.

Majical Cloudz @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Majical Cloudz, who introduced themselves as “Devon and Matt”. Stage banter included talk of his always wearing a white shirt. Song choices included the “Turns Turns Turns” and the emotional “Childhood’s End”. Impersonator was one of the most powerful and intense albums of 2013, but there was some sincerity missing on the stage at TIME. Perhaps they felt as out of place in a partially electronic music festival as the people there to see Flume may have thought.

Smith Westerns @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Chicago indie-pop band Smith Westerns opposed the weather by playing the day’s sunniest sounding tunes despite a few bass problems. They were still lively while playing songs like “Smile” and “Fool Proof” and I was thankful for the wonderful variation between DJ sets.

St. Lucia @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
St. Lucia’s Jean-Philip Grobler said their own bids of the rain, but they were the first band of the day to not let it affect them. They played like they would have if the show was inside in a club. A saxophonist even took the stage for the smooth licks of “All Eyes on You” and “The Way You Remember Me”. The band was genuinely having a good time on stage and that became infectious to the audience around them.

Action Bronson @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
The thing about Action Bronson is you can’t expect the music to be good if you want to have an awesome time. I wasn’t previously aware of his music (mostly just his online character) but notice he sampled random things like “Phil Collins” and what sounded like music from DDR.  His set is more about living in the moment and being completely ridiculous which he completely did during his set. A random audience member snuck a gigantic (probably turkey) sandwich into the festival and up front and Bronson took it with glee and ate it on stage. Throughout his set he saluted weed and commented the audience wasn’t “high” enough. Bronson was the only act to walk off stage and mingle within the audience as he performed. However he was basically inaudible when this happened. Somehow he was easier than you’d think to lose in the crowd.

Flume @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Flume was the “DJ at a computer” that captured my attention the most during the festival remixing things like Lorde’s “Tennis Court”.

Grimes @ TIME Festival 7/19/2014
Grimes was by far the highlight of the festival, and I really wish they had just given her a longer lot time. The fairy-like Claire Boucher was welcomed by fans who had been waiting for hours up front. You could tell which ones were the Grimes fans, the ones with colourful hair and internet-ironic clothing. Boucher was happy to be there, endearingly bursting into giggles during her occasional banter. Fan favourites like “Oblivion”, “Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)” and “Be A Body” were performed. She also tested the waters with a half-finished tune, Blood Diamond’s “Phone Sex” and the new trap-inspired “Go”.  Dancing mimes and colourful lights dazzled the audience and everyone almost forgot how horribly wet they were when she ended the night with “Genesis”.

Check out the slideshow below for the complete set of photos from TIME