by Ashley Smith
A Primitive Evolution
Friday night the Hideout was packed and sweaty—and for good reason. The bill was stacked with Toronto talent. I really like the Hideout; it has a rock and roll atmosphere and great staff, the kind of place that was the perfect setting for the show I was about to enjoy.

Here Below
Here Below, a four piece alternative band who I saw last at the Indie Week Canada finals at Tattoo last October, opened up the show with a great set. Sometimes heavy and sometimes melodic, these guys have a great sound and as they navigate themselves through the Toronto underground, it’s clear that audiences are taking note of how talented they are.
Here Below Here Below Here Below Here Below

Sumo Cyco
Sumo Cyco tore up The Hideout, which is exactly what I expect out of their live show at this point. A ball of energy, Sever (Skye Sweetnam) runs around the venue, screaming in the faces of the people in the audience, jumping around on stage, or on the bar, and charming everyone simultaneously. Sumo Cyco is a metal/punk band with enough rhythm to make you want to dance and scream at the same time. With a tight performance, these guys had the crowd riled up just enough for the headliners.
Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco Sumo Cyco

A Primitive Evolution
To finish off the night, we had A Primitive Evolution, a 3 piece alternative/grunge band who have been rocking Toronto’s underground for years. The live show was intriguing and dark, with an engaging performance and production that felt slightly intoxicating (or was that the beer?) At times it felt like being dragged inside of the music, with the strobing lights and seductive vocals of Brett Carruthers, I was more than won over by the time I exited the building.
A Primitive Evolution A Primitive Evolution A Primitive Evolution A Primitive Evolution